Don't Ignore A Toothache

Don’t let a little dental pain get worse.

Dealing with a throbbing tooth that wakes you up in the middle of the night? Experiencing minor discomfort in a tooth that you’re hoping goes away? Both of these situations warrant seeing our Hazel Park, MI, dentist Dr. Thomas Weigel as soon as possible. Why? Because while regular bodily aches may go away on their own, unfortunately, toothaches are a sign of a dental problem that won’t go away without treatment. Therefore, the sooner you seek a dentist the better.

What does a toothache mean? 

A toothache can be downright uncomfortable, but what could actually be going on? Here’s are the most common cause of a toothache and why you should seek immediate medical attention from your qualified dentist here in Hazel Park, MI,

It’s most likely a cavity: While there are many reasons why a toothache may rear its ugly head, the most common cause is a cavity. When decay breaks through the hard enamel layers of the tooth it can also affect the nerves and tissue both in and around the tooth, which leads to pain. Since decay will continue to spread until properly treated it’s important that you see a dentist right away.

You may have gum disease: Sometimes a severe toothache is also a warning sign of bacteria in the gums. If you have gum disease, as nearly half of American adults do, this problem will only get worse until it leads to severe gum damage and potentially tooth loss. If you notice that your toothache comes with bleeding, tenderness or receding gums then this warrants immediate medical attention from our dental team. 

You may have an infected pulp: The dental pulp is a soft tissue structure within the tooth that also contains nerves. In fact, it’s the only part of the tooth that does contain nerves, which is why it hurts when the pulp becomes inflamed or infected. If you notice dental pain that gets worse when biting or putting pressure on the tooth, or if you have sudden lingering tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures then it’s time to visit your dentist. It could be a sign that the pulp is infected and you need root canal therapy. 

Ignoring a toothache could lead to some serious consequences that our Hazel Park, MI, dentist would rather you avoid. This means having a dentist that you trust to provide immediate care. Luckily our dental office provides emergency dental care to patients of all ages living in and around Hazel Park, MI. Dealing with a dental emergency? Call us at (248) 544-9010.

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